• When you need build new decking or replace old outdoor decking, you have lots of option, now simple introduce 5 type outdoor decking for you.


    1. Deep Carbonized Outdoor Wood Flooring

    pyrolysis of wood by high temperature, reduce the concentration of hydroxyl groups in the wood component, thereby reducing the hygroscopicity and internal stress of the wood, achieve the purpose of reducing wood deformation, improve the corrosion resistance of wood, inhibit the growth of decaying bacteria, to achieve weathering and anti-corrosion purposes.


    2, Anti-corrosion Treatment Of Outdoor Flooring

    In order to maintain the original strength and beauty of the wood for a long time, it is treated with anti-corrosion and anti-ant. under the premise of strict quality management, pressure injection of CCA, CA (copper azole), ACQ and other antiseptic agents, deep penetration of the agent, the infiltrated agent can be tightly attached to the wood cells without loss.

    Therefore greatly improving the corrosion resistance, and anti-ant effect will also be maintained for a long time, commonly used agents are CA (copper azole) and ACQ. These two kinds do not contain other harmful substances such as chromium, arsenic and organic phosphorus, it is a very safe water-soluble agent.


    3, Plastic Wood Outdoor Flooring

    Made of plastic and wood fiber, a composite material processed by a special process (such as extrusion, molding, injection molding, etc.), It is a new green material, plastic wood flooring has the characteristics of natural fiber and plastic, excellent water resistance, water absorption is only a few thousandths of wood, wear resistance is 3-10 times that of wood, load bearing capacity are greater than all plastic materials.

    The thermal expansion and contraction are less than steel and plastic materials. the processability is superior to wood, steel, plastic and other materials, the maintenance cost is minimal at the later stage.

    ATTACHMENT DETAILSPVC-Foam-Outdoor-Flooring

    4, PVC Foam Outdoor Flooring

    A revolutionary new generation of outdoor building materials, pvc foam decking product adopts the US PVC micro-foaming technology, the unique manufacturing process of applying for national patents.

    It has a beautiful surface and high load bearing capacity, strong toughness, waterproof, fire prevention, anti-ant and anti-aging, easy to process, install, maintenance and environmental protection, it is the first choice for outdoor building materials.


    5, Co-extrusion Outdoor Flooring

    Co-extrusion flooring based on the plastic wood outdoor floor, the protective layer of the polymer material, uniformly and firmly coated on the surface of the plastic wood flooring.

    this is the second generation of extrusion technology in the industry, in addition to retaining the advantages of traditional wood, it also has excellent abrasion, scratch, stain and weather resistance. more beautiful and durable, the texture is more realistic and lasting.

    At last, plastic wood decking, pvc foam flooring and co-extrusion are eco-friendly material for outdoor use, they are low maintenance and easy install.