• advantages-of-wood-plastic-wall-claddingCompared with other exterior wall cladding, wood plastic wall cladding overcome the traditional building flatness, Has many features and performance not available in tiled wall cladding.

    1. Perfect Visual Effect
    The exterior of the wood plastic wall cladding is designed with nature wood texture. It has a natural beauty and a variety of different colors and size. It is an environmentally friendly material that is lightweight and durable, has a life span of more than 15 years.

    2. Anti-aging, Superior Weather Resistance
    The wood plastic wall cladding is made of a special composite material, with high-efficiency and long-lasting anti-UV stabilizer. It is resistant to aging and radiation, can withstand various harsh climates. It can look like new under the influence of various natural weathering. Avoiding the trouble of repainting and refurbishing, is a low maintenance option.

    3. Excellent Physical and Chemical Properties
    Wood plastic exterior wall cladding has good toughness, nail resistance and external impact resistance. It can be cut according to different engineering design and process requirements, will not be brittle, not easy to scratch, acid and alkali resistance, low thermal conductivity, fire resistance, to achieve flame retardant standards.

    4. Easy To Install
    The installation process of wood plastic exterior wall cladding is simple and fast, firm and reliable, saving labor and time, shortening the construction period and greatly reducing the installation cost, especially suitable for retrofitting old walls.

    Exterior wood plastic wall cladding can resist all kinds of bad weather, in the process of production or engineering practice, not pollution to the environment, can be recyclable, It’s an ideal environmentally friendly decorative material.



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