• best plastic wood fence panelThe demand for wood plastic composite materials in Europe, North America, Asia and other countries is increasing, the construction and design level of plastic wood fence panel is improve, The application has also begun to fast develop.

    The fence made of plastic wood composite material has the same advantages as stainless steel, doesn’t require paint, very convenient to maintain, Therefore, plastic wood fence panel is used in tourist areas, parks, schools, etc., the terrace built with composite fences and flooring is also one of the main uses.

    The common fence materials in daily life are mainly metal products, stone, anti-corrosion wood, glass and other materials, the form of the fence is mainly used in outdoor landscapes, except basic security features, the fence gradually began to enter the decorative function.

    When selecting a fence, the stone is relatively durable, it is very bulky and not convenient. wood is widely used,
    there are defects such as heavy metals exceeding standards, long-term maintenance of painting and felling of trees. the steel is very strong, it is also prone to corrosion and poor touch. The wood plastic fence panel material is mainly composed of abandoned organic granules and plastics in agriculture and forestry. It is processed by a polymer molding process, it is corrosion-resistant, waterproof and insect-resistant. the most importantly its raw materials without formaldehyde, is a national standard green environmental protection material.

    Shanghai Seven Trust Industry Co., Ltd plastic wood fence panel, flower box, pavilions and other garden landscape products, it is a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of synthetic wood. the design of seven trust profiles and construction plan design can also greatly reduce construction costs, it’s an excellent choice for landscape wood applications, wood plastic fences have natural wood texture and good mechanical physical strength, Its excellent anti-aging, UV resistance, provide high quality materials for garden construction, this series of products is suitable for municipal, villa courtyard, garden landscape.

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