• The raw materials used for wood plastic flooring can use waste plastics, waste wood, straw and other plant fibers as the substrate, without any additional harmful ingredients. wood plastic flooring can be recycled and reused, which is a novel product in the true sense of environmental protection, energy-saving and resource recycling. now analyze several different floor materials.


    Solid wood floors are soundproof and heat-insulating, green and durable. Solid wood has a natural texture. In the forest coverage rate is declining, environmental protection is strongly advocated, solid wood floors are more precious.


    Laminated wood flooring is favored by more consumers, main advantages such as wear resistance, environmental protection, moisture resistance, easy installation, easy cleaning and care, the quality of laminated wood flooring is constantly improving, surface treatment technology is more advanced and diversified. but It can’t meet the needs of different markets.


    While the wood plastic floor maintains the texture of the solid wood floor, it has good functions of moisture resistance, acid and alkali resistance, fungus suppression, insect resistance ect. It is widely used in the Middle East, Europe and America markets due to its low carbon, green, environmental protection and recyclable characteristics.