• build-outdoor-pergola

    In the maket we have lots of eco outdoor pergola material can be option, such as wood, plastic, metal or wood plastic composite ect, these vary in sizes and design, when buy pergola the first thing you need to look into is finding a design of a pergola that would be ideal for the kind of outdoor lifestyle that you want to showcase.

    Outdoor wood pergola due to environmental factors it will lack of luster appearance of your pergola and affect the materials on your structure over time, the wet weather can bring about mold or moss, year after year dry summers can stress and deplete paint and timber.

    Plastic pergolas, while not as rustic and traditional looking as wood, it offer a more upscale and polished look, The primary advantage of plastic over wood is longevity, where wood will eventually decay, plastic will not.

    Metal pergola offers a completely different look and style. While metal pergolas are rather expensive, they do offer a whole new level of sturdiness and durability, Cast iron is a common metal choice, though it is very heavy and will rust when exposed to the elements. wood plastic composite is a better alternative, because it’s lightweight, yet still extremely strong.

    Wood plastic composite pergola is new eco friendly material, it combines wood and plastic advantages, is the superior choice for durability and weather resistance. that contains a UV inhibitor to prevent the material from discoloring when exposed to the sun’s strong rays.

    Compare with different outdoor pergola, wood plastic composite is the best pergola option for outdoor, it waterproof, anti uv and will not crack or fade over time.