• In the market have lots of fence can be option, how to buy right fence? next supply buy fence guide for you in 2018.

    wood fen

    Wooden Fence

    First of all, the wooden fence need regular paint, the color is easy to fall off, it is beautiful but easy to mildew and corrosion. the wood don’t weather resistance over time it easy to rot and crack. The second is that the price of the wooden fence is low, but it is kept in time and cost Higher. Finally, the wooden fence has a lower service life, especially the outdoor fence, which can’t withstand the sun and rain.

    metal fence

    Metal Fence

    1. The fence is made of metal, the surface smooth, it easy to bend but not easy to break. The disadvantage is that should be painted once in 2-3 years.

    2. Cast iron is used as a fence material, which can be used in various styles. The advantage is that it is not easy to rust and the price is inexpensive, The disadvantage is that the smoothness is not enough.

    3. Wrought iron fence material. High quality can be used as stair railings for indoor use.

    wrought iron fence

    Wrought Iron Fence

    Wrought iron doesn’t warp or rot like wooden fences. It’s weather resistance without weakening or cracking, it’s one of the more durable fencing options.

    The disadvantage is to prepare for the prevention of rust, paint protection from time to time, otherwise it will easily become old.

    white pvc fence

    PVC Fence

    PVC fence has locking gates, finials, corner posts and other decorative accessories that can be added to create a beautiful fenced in area by your pool. can do it youself? the answer is Yes. Most handy homeowners can do this work and with a little time and care can create a nicely finished product.

    The disadvantages is pvc fence expensive than other fence but In the long run it is economic choice, you need spend lots of time painting or maintenance it.

    Compare with different fence type, i recommend pvc fence for you, use pvc fence have more service life, low maintenance and eco friendly, we have some project for you as reference, if you have any problems you can contact us.