• buy veranda decking guideNow, in the market have lots of product for veranda decking, Which product is the best decking for veranda?

    Wood Decking

    In past veranda always use wood decking material, about a majority of people house have all kinds of decking, such as hardwood, pine and pressure treated wood product, relatively speaking it cheap and we can see everywhere. especially treated lumber looks good, it easy refinished, cut, nail and screw. On the other hand, it doesn’t last as long as most of the other products. With proper care, you should get many years of good service from a treated lumber deck. but you will need to clean, sand and refinish it every other year or so. it will splinters, cracks, warps, and general wearing out over time.

    Composite Decking

    Composite decking has been the new rage and almost every customer I talk to asks for it in the beginning. Composite decking materials are made from a variety of materials including post-consumer plastics and wood flour recycled from the woodworking industry. The decking boards are either face screwed or some will have hidden fastener systems. as manufacturers we offer a variety of trim and fascia boards to match the deck boards.

    Composite decking is low maintenance product for outdoor use, it overcome wood product disadvantages, if you install composite veranda decking u needn’t painting, just simple clean, you have more time to enjoy life and composite decking will not crack, wraps over time.

    PVC Decking

    PVC Decking is made from PVC and has been formulated to be exceptionally stain resistant and fade resistant with the use of UV blockers. it also have good product replace wood product, sometimes when I discuss PVC decking for the first time with customer they immediately think of white vinyl, but that is not the case most come in some very attractive colors that give your deck style. if you install pvc veranda decking that almost maintenance free, you just use garden hose and a little of your time can keep it looking great.

    So compare Wood decking, Composite decking and PVC decking more suit for veranda decking, if you want to get more information about Composite and PVC decking contact us now.