• The wood plastic composite pergola has good performance, moisture and water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, moth resistance and paint-free. This kind of pergola uses polyvinyl chloride (PE) as the main raw material, which is flame-retardant and increases the safety factor of human habitation. It has been widely used in the Middle East, Japan, South Korea and North America. The pergola is free of formaldehyde and benzene, making it an excellent choice for home decoration.


    In addition, the wood plastic pergola has a uniform color and natural texture, can be customized with the concept of personalized decoration. wood plastic pergola is a product that replaces solid wood pergola and cement pergola. It is a green environmental friendly pergola. It overcomes the defects of solid wood pergola that is afraid of water, formaldehyde and other harmful substances,  fundamentally saves a lot of forest wood , to reduce pollution and maintain the good effect of ecological balance.


    Consumers are troubled by the traditional solid wood pergola which is easy to deform, not easy to maintenance and waterproof, easy to fade, poor stability, cumbersome installation process and the disadvantages of reinforced composite pergola containing formaldehyde ect! conform to the new trend of environmental protection, wood plastic pergola has become the best alternative product.