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    How does Shanghai Seven Trust Wood Plastic Co., Ltd. choose suitable wood plastic flooring for home decoration?Nowadays, everyone pays much attention to the decoration layout of personal space and the selection of decoration materials, especially the floor. There are all kinds of floors of various materials. So which ones are popular among people nowadays? Let’s take a look at them one by one.

    1.Laminate flooring

    Reinforced composite wood flooring is made by crushing logs, adding glue, preservatives, and additives, and pressing them with high temperature and high pressure in a hot press. Therefore, it breaks the physical structure of logs and overcomes the weakness of poor log stability. The composite floor has high strength, uniform specifications, high wear resistance, anti-corrosion, mothproof and good decorative effect, which overcomes the problems of scar knots, worm eyes and color difference on the surface of the log.

    2.Wood plastic floor

    Wood-plastic flooring is a new type of environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite material product. The wood phenol produced in the production of high-density fiberboard is added to recycled plastic and passed through the pelletizing equipment to make wood-plastic composite material, and then the extrusion production group Made of wood-plastic floor. Wood-plastic flooring is a new type of flooring that has emerged in recent years, which is more environmentally friendly and affordable.

    3.Parquet flooring

    Solid wood composite flooring is divided into three-layer solid wood composite flooring, multi-layer solid wood composite flooring, and new solid wood composite flooring. Because it is made of interlaced laminates of different tree species, it overcomes the shortcomings of unidirectional solid wood flooring. The shrinkage and swelling rate is small, and it has good dimensional stability, and retains the natural wood grain and comfortable foot feel of solid wood flooring.

    For the decoration, we will know some related decoration material issues. For the purchase of household flooring, we still have to carefully distinguish and consider, choose a floor that suits us, and enjoy a better life.