• garden-composite-decking-guide

    The most commonly used wood-plastic products include wood-plastic flooring, wood-plastic wall panels, wood-plastic ceilings, wood-plastic square wood, etc. At present, various wood-plastic flooring and flooring-related supporting facilities are gradually developed and applied to the market. The transition from generation products to the development of the fourth generation.

    WPC flooring is generally divided into: PE wood plastic flooring, PVC wood plastic flooring, high-end indoor wood plastic flooring and so on. Consumers don’t know much about this product, and the entire wood plastic manufacturer does not subdivide the product. Our company is here to help you get to know it again.

    1. High-grade indoor WPC floor

    High-end indoor wood-plastic flooring is specially used in bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, etc. It is not only bright and fashionable, but also durable than the original materials, environmentally friendly, not easy to deform and break, and moisture-proof. It is the best choice for interior finishing materials.

     2. PVC wood plastic floor

    PVC wood-plastic flooring is commonly used indoors and outdoors. It belongs to non-foaming category. Its molecular structure is strong, not easy to deform and break, and is more beautiful. It is suitable for outdoor gardens, plank roads, and indoor high-end installations. According to different PVC raw materials, the price fluctuates fairly. Big.

    3.PE wood plastic floor

    One of the earliest wood-plastic floorings, it belongs to the foam type, with a crust on the surface, which is denser than other wood-plastic types. Such products are generally hollow, generally 120x25mm and 125×25 models.