• co-extruded-wood-plastic-floor

    Co-extrusion wood plastic flooring is a popular product in recent years. It is produced by the most advanced extrusion molding technology in the flooring industry. Synchronous extrusion of multiple fabrics using different molds, mixed molding, Co-extrusion wood plastic flooring has a protective layer more than ordinary wood plastic, more wear, scratch, stain-resistant, no cracking, no mildew.

    Co-extrusion Wood Plastic Floor Features

    1. Seven Trust co-extrusion wood plastic floor protection layer features high imitation wood grain, has a rich and varied appearance, the board is more durable, non-cracking, stain resistant, weather resistant and pressure resistant, the performance is greatly improved compared with ordinary wood plastic;

    2. The protective layer and core layer are hot-mixed and extruded, the coating is tight and not separated; the co-extrusion process has no stickies, no formaldehyde and other harmful substances;

    3. The core layer of the co-extrusion floor uses hard fiber, which is stronger than ordinary wood plastic;

    4. The formula reduces the shrinkage and expansion rate compared with ordinary wood plastic;

    5. The co-extrusion floor method is more environmentally friendly, the performance of the flooring is enhanced, the demand for outdoor flooring is the first choice.

    Co-extrusion Wood Plastic Floor Advantage

    More elegant and lasting than the first generation of plastic wood, various color, giving customer high practical value. It is used in parks, greenways, seaside resorts, waterside paving, outdoor facilities and other excellent environmentally friendly materials.

    The flooring layer and the inner core layer are only for different requirements of material application. The surface material mainly solves the problem of rigidity and ultraviolet aging, the inner core material mainly solves the problem of toughness, heat insulation and sound insulation of the material. All additives in the product are environmentally friendly.

    Co-extrusion wood plastic floor as an outdoor material, the characteristics is environmental protection, energy saving, higher strength, higher weather resistance, longer service life, etc. These characteristics make the co-extrusion wood plastic floor widely accepted by the market, deep loved by customers.

    Truly low-carbon and environmentally-friendly wood materials that can be used for a long time in various harsh climates without quality changes. Seven Trust missions is : to be the world’s most durable, cost-effective and low-carbon green wood plastic flooring manufacturer.