• common composite decking problems

    When we need rebuild our outdoor garden, patio, terrace ect, we need do lots of job to make sure we buy composite decking not have any problems, we use google to search related questions about decking, such as the decking wrap, fade, expensive ect.

    Yes, in the market different manufacturer product quality is different, we don’t make sure all the manufacturer quality is excellent, (of course we aware of some people sell the composite product with poor quality), customer complaints about the quality of the product, i think that opinion does not apply to Seven Trust, so I have listed questions and solutions about the composite decking.

    The Wood Plastic Composite Decking Is Eco-friendly?

    Yes, most customers hear plastic, the first impression is plastic very bad for the environment, but composite decking made of wood fiber/wood flour and thermoplastic(s) (includes PE, PP, PVC, PLA etc.) it eco-friendly and can be recycled.

    Any Concerns About A Large Dog Scratching Up Composite Decking?
    One of our customer have a (+115lbs) German Shepherd it doesn’t really enjoy getting his nails trimmed, worry about long nails scratching up the decking material, our decking have well-scratching resistance, so don’t worry about this problems.

    The Composite Decking Fade?
    Our factory always improves the producing technology, the decking material we add the 5% Chemical additives make it will not fade over time.

    The Composite Decking Wrap?
    Seven Trust composite decking proof by the customer is durable and will not wrap.

    Stains of Composite Decking?
    When you decking have stains different stains clean methods is different, after install decking u need read the guide carefully.

    Buy Composite Decking You Will Enjoy:
    Low Maintenance
    Easy Clean
    Anti Slip
    Uv Resistance

    Seven Trust is China manufacturer of composite decking, wall panel, fence, pergola ect, our customers more than 100 countries,  if you have any problems you can contact us directly.