• Anti-corrosion Wood Fence Material

    ★ Anti-corrosion Wood Fence Material

    Anti-corrosion wood fence material has been specially treated with anti-corrosion anti-termite and anti-fungal effects effect, open-air fence for outdoor environments, can be used directly in the environment of contact with water and soil. in the past, it was the preferred material of choice for outdoor products.

    Mainly used in parks, commercial plazas, villas, residential areas and other leisure and entertainment venues.

    Zinc Steel Fence Material

    ★ Zinc Steel Fence Material

    Zinc steel fence refers to the balcony fence made of zinc alloy material. Because of its high strength, high hardness, beautiful appearance and bright color, it has become the mainstream product used in residential communities. Traditional balcony railings use iron or aluminum fence materials.

    It is necessary to use process technology such as electric welding, fence texture is soft, easy to rust. The zinc-steel balcony fence perfectly solves the shortcomings of traditional fences and is affordable, making it an alternative to traditional balcony fence materials.

    Wood Plastic Fence Material

    ★ Wood Plastic Fence Material

    The use of environmentally friendly raw materials, now is the most popular product on the market, with low maintenance and long service life. It is the best substitute for anti-corrosion wood fences and zinc steel fences.

    ★ Wood Plastic Fence Material Advantages

    1. Environmentally friendly, use recycled materials (wood flour and HDPE), no need for antiseptic treatment

    2. Does not require routine maintenance, the service life is longer than wood, not moisture, decay and pest control

    3. No deformation, insensitive to cold and hot environments

    4. Wood plastic composite materials improve impact strength and reduce specific gravity through micro-foaming.

    5. Wood plastic composite materials have good mechanical properties, can be widely used as load-bearing structural materials.

    Seven Trust is manufacturer and supplier of wood plastic fence materials, Our fences are low maintenance products, we can customize the fence according to customer requirements.

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