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    Wooden fences and PVC fences are common fence materials. So what is the difference between PVC fences and wooden fences?

    Wooden Fence Introduction
    The main raw material for wooden fences is wood. With the development of society, wooden fences have gradually been replaced because of not environmental friendly.

    Wooden Fence Features:
    1. The wooden fence paint and color are easy to fall off, which not only affects the appearance but also is easy to corrode over time.
    2, Wood fence not waterproof, so easy crack.
    3, The price of wooden fence products is inexpensive, but it needs to be maintained every year, the maintenance expense is expensive.
    4, wooden fences have a lower service life compare with composite fence, especially open-air fences, can’t withstand the sun and rain.

    pvc fence

    PVC Fence Introduction
    What exactly is PVC? PVC full name is Polyvinylchlorid, the main component is polyvinyl chloride, and other ingredients to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility, It is a well-loved, popular and widely used synthetic material in the world, Its global use ranks second among various synthetic materials.

    PVC Fence Features:
    1. PVC fence is made of special PVC material. environmentally friendly, strong in corrosion resistance, durable and never fading, blistering, cracking and peeling.
    2, PVC fence socket connector, column, crossbar and important parts, all reinforced with galvanized steel lining, safe and windproof.
    3, PVC fence is environmentally friendly, easy to maintain and clean.
    4, PVC fence is simple and fast installation, long service life, in the long run, the price is not expensive than traditional wood fence.

    At last compare with fence material, PVC fence has more excellent features, it low maintenance, waterproof and more service life.

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