• easy install wood plastic flooringSeven Trust is a very professional wood plastic flooring company, From order to the production line to shipping, our easy install wood plastic flooring is moisture-proof. Although the wooden floor is very close to nature wood, it is easily rot and crack, wood plastic floor perfect solves that problem and greatly satisfies the customer requirement.

    One of the biggest advantages of wood plastic flooring is that it is easy to install. At this point, it greatly saves the cost of the building, if we can use wood plastic flooring, can save us lots of time, It also produces a small amount of waste during the installation process, which can also play a significant role in protecting the ecological environment.

    Easy install wood plastic flooring is a kind of high fireproof product, It is a rare product with a fire rating of B1. When we use such a floor, the fire rating of the entire decoration can be effectively improved. This kind of floor is not only fireproof, but also has a very good flame retardant effect. It will automatically extinguish when it meets the fire. even if it meets high temperature melting point, this floor will not produce toxic smoke.

    Different people have different preferences when choosing wood plastic flooring, there are different requirements for color, texture and so on. it is obviously also a great advantage of easy install wood plastic flooring, It has a very rich color to choose from, has a very natural wood texture. It is also possible to directly customize the color or texture to truly satisfy some aesthetic needs of the decoration and has a strong decorative effect.