• eco friendly materialsRecently, more and more homeowners choose eco friendly materials, so in the decoration market we have composite decking, pvc decking and other decking materials for consumer, it mean using building materials that are renewable and environmentally friendly.

    If you want a beautiful deck that doesn’t require constant maintenance choose pvc decking, it not only stunningly beautiful but it was also eco friendly and incredibly durable.

    As eco material PVC decking is resistant to mold, mildew, pest infestations, and lifespan, This means a longer lasting product that has low impact on the environment. it’s a mixture of wood and plastic. Most of the raw materials are recycled, and mixing the plastic in with the wood helps to curb a lot of the issues that natural wood decking faces, such as waterproof, uv resistance or low water absorption.

    Except pvc decking such as hardwood flooring, Ipe decking it are usually resistant to domestic insect attacks and are dense hardwoods that do not absorb water as quickly as softer woods. This would mean an extremely low risk of mold, mildew or rot problems, lengthening the life span of the decking but it not eco friendly materials, because it need cut lots of tree, it bad for our natural environment.

    Compared with different material, pvc decking with low maintenance and overcome the wood shortcoming, it more excellent features for outdoor space, whatever choose which decking material, you need consider all problems such as product maintenance, clean and budget.

    Seven Trust is eco friendly materials of composite and pvc decking manufacturer, build the distributor in different countries, with high quality and low price, get more information about decking we can supply free sample and quotation for you.

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