• Wood plastic products and wood products are substitutes, sometimes people have a lot of choices, is it a solid wood or a hollow wood plastic composite? The price of eco wood plastic composites seems to be more expensive than solid wood, but as manufacturers find more efficient processing methods, their relatively high costs are falling. Using recycled plastic in composite materials can further reduce costs. Even in the face of the current cost structure, many consumers are willing to accept relatively high prices because of the advantages of wood plastic composites.

    Eco Wood Plastic Composite Advantages

    1.Friendly to the environment: the use of recycled materials (wood powder and plastic) do not need to make the embalming process
    2.Don’t need daily maintenance, do not absorb moisture, tide, do not rot, the insects do not break, crack, do not deform, to cold and thermal environment is not sensitive.
    3. Good mechanical properties of wood plastic composites can be widely used as load-bearing structural materials;
    4. 95% of the raw materials of wood plastic product are recycled materials, so the cost is lower and the products can be recycled 100%.
    5. Eco wood plastic composite materials can increase the impact strength and reduce the proportion by micro-foaming.
    6. The service life is 15 to 30 years, which cannot be compared with any real wood.