• composite-pool-decking

    You can buy pool decking in a ton of different styles and options. You can choose to have a tile, granite, wood, composite, or vinyl decking. If you are looking for options around an inground swimming pool, you are going to have more than a few choices to make before you start the installation. One thing you must keep in mind if you are going to be installing the large outdoor deck, you are going to need to have plenty of space and a little bit of cash to make your deck beautiful. A deck around your pool is one luxury you should choose if your budget allows.

    large deck leading to pool Although it is nice to have granite or tile for your pool deck area, it is a lot more costly and takes more time to install than either composite or wood. Wood pool decks look elegant, but they do get slippery when wet and there is always the danger of splintering, which can hurt your feet quite a bit. Composite pool decking, while more expensive than wood, is very durable. It also has the look and feel or real wood, but it won’t rot or splinter. Most of the composite deck materials will prevent you from slipping on water, which makes it perfect for swimming pool decking.

    When you purchase pool decking, it is best if you buy all the materials you need at the same time. This is because manufacturers of colored flooring materials for outdoor swimming pools may have different shades of colors in each run. Even if you have the look of a wood pool deck, having several different colors will point out the fact that it is not a real wood floor. When you purchase the composite swimming pool decking, you have very low maintenance, and you won’t have to worry about rot. You won’t have to stain or paint your pool deck because it will maintain its color even with harsh chemicals from chlorine.

    When you are ready to install swimming pool decking, even wood pool decks, you cannot place the planks tight together. The pool decking is going to have to be closer to the ground compared to a traditional deck, so you have to allow at least 1/16 – inch spaces between each plank to allow air to circulate. This spacing will allow water from the weather and that which drips off people getting out of the pool to drain away. Having the planks of the decking placed too close to one another is going to cause the deck to buckle and swell adding undulation to your newly installed outdoor flooring.

    Chlorine or other chemicals from the pool will not harm composite pool decking. During cold weather, it will only contract slightly and its hot weather it expands. Since most people work at installing swimming pool decking during the summer, it is best to let the decking rest on the site for at least 48 hours before you start installing it. This gives it time to get acclimatized to the temperature and the humidity. This is one thing that you don’t have to do with wood pool decks, but then they don’t last as long as the composite pool decking unless you are referring to Ipe Decks which have a shelf life of nearly 100 years.