• garden-composite-decking-guide

    Building a garden composite decking area can create a really beautiful place to eat, entertain and relax this summer. What’s more, this ‘Plain English’ guide to building your own decking makes it easier than ever.

    In step one of our Garden composite decking guide, we look at how to plan out your decking area, and how to measure up the site before preparing the ground.

    The first thing we need to consider is where you would like your decking area to go.

    If you plan to attach the edge of your composite decking to an external wall, make sure that the top level of the deck is at least 16cm below the damp-proofing course – you’ll need this in order to meet the current building regulations

    If you are installing a ground composite decking, we always advise customers to replace the top 10cm of topsoil and any turf, weeds etc. with keel – this will help create a solid (but importantly, free-draining) site onto which your joist framing will be built.

    Always remember to protect the oversite with a weed-blocking material or membrane – this will help prevent weeds growing through from underneath your decking, whilst also allowing water to drain away.

    What’s more, seven trust as composite decking manufacturer we adding auxiliaries and stabilizers to the color of garden composite decking, in order to prevent the color loss caused by a long time, especially make a layer of UV treatment on the surface of the decking to prevent ultraviolet radiation, which can be effectively used for up to 20 years. For a long time, although it will fade a little for a long time in the outdoor use, it will definitely not affect visual beauty. so you don’t have to worry about the fading of the garden composite decking.

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