• garden hollow decking

    Today, garden hollow decking has become one of the most popular patio surfaces in the UK, Spain, New zealand ect.

    The decking kits offered by Seven Trust are simple to construct by the average DIYer, yet include enough flexibility to allow create a truly unique decking area.

    When it comes to planning your garden hollow decking, it goes without saying that it is always best to plan the deck out on paper first – without having so much laid eyes on a timber decking board or joist.

    With a timber hollow decking kit from Seven Trust, however, the initial planning of the deck has been done for you. Our timber decking kits contain all the timbers, deck boards, joists and fixings which are needed to create an elegant, well-proportioned deck, in no time at all.

    What you will need to do, however, is decide very carefully where you would like the deck to lie, relative to your home and to other elements of the landscape such as trees.

    The first thing to consider is whether you would like a sunny or shaded location for your garden hollow deck. Also, always consider the extent to which privacy is a requirement.

    If your garden decking is laid in permanent or near-permanent shade, it could well become affected by dampness – this is likely to cause a risk of algae growth.

    Be cautious too when preparing your ground area – be sure to avoid any underground pipes or drainage systems, and never obstruct manhole covers or other areas to which you might need access later on.

    The joist timber framework acts as a base for the deck. Joists should already be cut to your exact requirements, but the more competent DIYers amongst you may with so modify the deck design slightly – this is fine, so long as you are confident in your DIY abilities.

    Joists should be laid in line with each other, and no more than 600mm apart. Depending on your specific garden decking kit, allow around 120mm for each decking board, plus 5-6mm gaps between. Remember, timber is a living material, so these gaps are necessary to allow for shrinkage of the deckboards in summer, and swelling of the deckboards in winter.

    If the area you intend to build the decking on is sloped, and it is impossible to level the ground, you will need to support the deck by raising one end. Raised decking kits allow you to do this by setting either 4 or 6 timber supports into concrete (or bolting them to the floor – whichever is appropriate).

    Similarly, a completely raised garden hollow decking can also be installed using this method. Do bear in mind however, that the deck level must not exceed 600mm above ground level.

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