• hidden-fastener-wood-plastic-compositeHidden Fastener Of Wood Plastic Composite materials as a new product is gradually developed into a new trend. With the advantages of environmental protection and renewable, conform to of sustainable development, highlighting the growing potential for development.

    Wood plastic material can be widely used in building decoration and outdoor building materials and other fields, such as outdoor flooring, fencing, pergola, staircase handrails, decorative wall panels ect, the vast majority of indoor and outdoor decorative building materials available wood.

    Hidden Fastener Of Wood Plastic Composite Material Properties:

    1, Wood Plastic Composite materials through the recycling of waste wood and the development of new products. In saving natural resources at the same time, have a natural wood wood texture and texture, more water, corrosion resistance, mildew, pollution-free, recyclable and other technical performance.

    2, Wood Plastic Composite production and processing procedures and log processing is completely different, can greatly save production time, and the loss of raw materials and post-processing costs. But also has anti-low temperature -40 degrees Celsius high temperature 60 degrees Celsius, thus overcoming the natural wood inherent cracking, warping, mildew and other defects.

    3, WPC bending elasticity strong, its unique technology to produce a variety of specifications, color, size, shape, the thickness of the items, fully meet the diverse needs of consumers.

    4, in the maintenance and maintenance, wood and wood, can be nailed, can be drilled, planning, can be sticky, smooth and delicate surface.

    At present, hidden fasteners of wood plastic composite products widely use for the outdoor landscape, garden or park, it low maintenance and durable, available eight color can be option, get free sample or information, contact us now.

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