• hollow-wood-plastic-floorIn the past, in the process of decoration selected from traditional wood materials,now people are use hollow wood plastic floor materials. with the constant consumption and waste of wood, these materials is no longer in line with environmental requirements, gradually eliminated, at present we putting more energy into the production and application of new environmentally friendly flooring.

    The choice of wpc materials not only achieves the desired application, it can also avoid burdening the environment, hollow wood flooring is a new environmentally friendly material, with best quality.

    Compared to wooden flooring materials, the stability of the hollow wood plastic floor is very good, there are no joints and cracks in the floor material, moreover, there are special requirements for the selection of raw materials in the process of making wood plastic flooring.

    Material in the process of processing, need in a certain methods make sure the quality reliability of the board, due to the special process, in the process of hollow wood plastic floor board, we need pay attention to the way and method, if the method is not reasonable during processing, it will also affect the actual application of the board.

    First, carefully check the installation environment before construction, the installation should be relatively flat, keep it dry at the same time, hollow plastic wood material is relatively brittle,therefore, it is necessary to strictly follow the process when installation product, the staff must first drill using an electric drill, then use screws to fix flooring, this can avoid the aesthetics of the board due to improper operation.

    In order to meet people’s installation and use requirements, there are many types of hollow wood plastic flooring. At present, many areas use wood plastic materials for constructing gardens, terrace, dock and large-scale landscapes etc.