• how to choose right outdoor floor

    Traditional wood outdoor floor with high water absorption rate so it easy rot and crack over time, not suitable for pool, dock ect, now pvc decking can effective solve this problems, it use an eco friendly materials, with high stable and low water absorption rate widely use around pool, dock, garden, patio, park ect outdoor space.

    Take Into Account Your Climate

    In the world different countries have different climate, have cold Finland, hot Africa and rainy UK, when we choose floor need consider thermal expansion and contraction,

    Non Slip

    if he decking slip which will increase the risk of slips and falls of child and older, it really dangerous, so we must use non slip flooring ensure outdoor space more safety.


    the wood outdoor floor you need regular maintenance, clean and painting, it will spend lots of time and money, now pvc decking is low maintenance, just simple clean and maintenance, needn’t painting, so it can save you lots of time, you can have more time reading, play with child. the most important is pvc decking easy install and will not crack, fade.

    At last choose right outdoor floor, you can more relaxing time, we recommend pvc decking for outdoor living space, it low carbon, durable and lightweight, get more free information now.

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