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    Some wood-plastic products will be indistinguishable during the online promotion process, and we cannot distinguish the difference between wood-plastic composite materials and ecological wood. So today I will give you an analysis. We mainly discuss how to distinguish between wood-plastic composite materials and ecological wood and the similarities and differences between them. Let us understand the problems together through the following.

    The common ground of wood-plastic composite material and ecological wood: both wood-plastic composite material and green wood are a new type of material combined with wood powder and plastic. It is different from natural wood. It is artificially synthesized and has the function of waterproof and anti-corrosion. Most of them can be used in decoration according to needs and may be designed by themselves, so in many cases they may refer to the same product.

    The difference between wood-plastic composite materials and ecological wood: however, wood-plastic composite materials can generally be divided into PE wood plastic and PVC wood plastic, while ecological wood tends to refer to PVC wood plastic used indoors. PVC wood plastic is generally lighter in texture. Plastics are high in composition, because their mechanical properties are stronger than them, and they can produce a variety of curved effects. They are very suitable for indoor decoration design and even made into furniture products. PE wood plastic is used exclusively for outdoor use, and the products are basically all Focus on the outdoor floor of some seating pavilions in the outdoor garden and so on.

    Ecological wood is a kind of wood-plastic material, and wood-plastic products made by PVC foaming process are usually called ecological wood. The main raw material of ecological wood is a new type of green environmental protection material synthesized from wood flour and PVC plus other enhanced additives. Due to its outstanding decorative effect and texture, ecological wood is still the only choice of environmentally friendly building materials for interior decoration. Therefore, The added value of the market will be better, and the profit margin will be greater. In terms of installation methods, the development of ecological wood products takes into account the convenience and speed of installation. Therefore, the ease of installation is also the strength of ecological wood.