• white pvc fence panel

    PVC fence panel not only has a beautiful appearance, even in terms of material, it is also one of the best fence product, which makes this PVC fence price expensive than wood.

    First of all, pvc fence panel safety and environmental protection: smooth barrier surface, delicate handle, bright color, high intensity, good tolerance, safety, environmental protection, harmless to human and animal, choose domestic first-class raw materials.

    Secondly, white pvc fence panel have good aging resistance, anti-aging test in -50 ℃ to 70 ℃ using non-fading, non-cracking, non-embrittlement, up to 30 years.

    Final maintenance: our pvc fence do not corrode, do not fade, do not need to maintain as usual, do not pollute the environment.

    PVC fence in the market sales are increasing, many customers will have a great deal of curiosity about the profile of the pvc fence, The following pvc fence profile to do a simple introduction:

    1, appearance: smooth surface, flat, no depression, no impurities and other surface defects should be uniform color material. However, there may be some shrinkage marks in the products, which is a normal phenomenon. In terms of quality inspection, the dimensions and deviations of shapes and shapes are permitted.

    2, shape size and deviation: section size ±0.5, matching position ±0.3.

    3, respectively. The wall thickness deviation of profile: the visible surface of the main wall of each profile is 1. 5 mm, 1. 8 mm, 2. 0 mm, ±0. 2 mm.

    4, respectively, and the profile is straight. Linear deviation: the straightness deviation of the main profile with length of 1m should be ≤ 1.

    5, the profile density: the profile density should be ≤ 1.44, the mass per meter length should be ≥ 95% of the standard mass per meter length.

    Seven Trust as pvc fence panel manufacturer in China, our white fence panel with high quality and low maintenance, have different fence style and height can be option, if you need more information pls contact us now.