• lay outdoor plastic wood floor

    Many families pay attention to the floor when they are house decorating. lay outdoor plastic wood flooring area is relatively large, the selection of floor quality plays a key role in the overall decoration. At present, there are many kinds of floor materials in the market, A wide variety of choices, when seven trust composite wood flooring development began to slowly replace the traditional wooden flooring, the floor has become a favorite material in the building materials with its unique superiority.

    Observing the appearance of the wood plastic floor, it can be seen that the color and texture of the board are relatively close to the wood material, but the touching surface of the board will relatively different compared with wood material. Because the wood plastic materials are mainly made of wood fiber and some polymer materials during the production process, the appearance of the materials and ordinary wood materials are similarities, but the texture is different.

    The use of plastic wood flooring for outdoor can prevent the corrosion of termites, so not requirement pest control treatment, the service life is longer than the ordinary wooden floor. The wood plastic material is also subjected to high-temperature calcination during the production process, so the hardness and stability of the board are greatly improved. This floor is waterproof so it does not get deformed by moisture environment, because materials have waterproof advantage, plastic wood materials can be directly used in humid environments and outdoors.

    Seven Trust outdoor plastic wood flooring unique manufacturing process effectively compensates for the drawbacks of wood materials, This is also the reason why our wood plastic materials become more and more popular.