• manufacturing of pvc fence panelPVC fence panel is made by extruding ethylene plastic and plastic profile on the surface of the metal profile, which further overcomes the defects of the second generation guardrail products such as coating peeling, easy aging and so on, become the third generation of road guardrail more representative of a class of products.

    If fences fence life is affected by the weather, do not use aging and corrosive fence materials, for high-altitude areas such as balconies, roofs, and corridors, safety measures should be taken, It is best to use metal profiles.

    The Characteristics Of PVC Fence Panel

    PVC fences panel with high-quality PVC and special auxiliaries, its high-grade PVC as appearance and steel pipe as inner lining, so that elegant and bright appearance and tough internal quality are perfectly combined. In the new era of promoting green and environmental protection, it is widely used in greening projects such as city streets, parks, squares, schools, factories and family decoration. The products exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and other countries.

    The PVC fence panel is completely different from other ordinary guardrails in the connection of the components. Although most of the materials of the ordinary guardrails are not rusty, they are still prone to corrosion because of the use of metal screws, some non-pvc fences with non-metal (chemical) tenon connections are also weak.

    The new type of PVC fence panel is different, the unique processing equipment is used to change the connection place into a plastic connecting piece, plastic hole cover is added to completely solve the rust and not strong problems. It is a truly eco-friendly and durable fence product.

    The fence panel completely innovative connection method makes the connection between the vertical rod and the crossbar, the crossbar and the column completely solve the shortcomings of the corrosion of the ordinary guardrail at the screw joint.

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