• outdoor courtyard pvc fence features

    The courtyard PVC fence is widely used in outdoor places. It is very easy to install and can greatly improve the installation speed. It can be installed on slopes or uneven ground, when you buy fence we can supply some guide for you.

    The courtyard PVC fence is durable than wood, more flexible than cast iron and has high impact resistance. It has a long service life. The high-quality PVC fence adopts the special formula, so it will not peel off, decay, crack, blister and warp.

    Our PVC fence project is used to embellish the courtyard green space and garden trails, making the place where we live more beautiful.

    Features Of The Courtyard PVC Fence:

    Courtyard PVC fence Has A Beautiful Appearance

    have the variety of styles(privacy fence, picket fence, 2 rail fence ect), it is also one of the most decorative effects, both European and American style and full of modern beauty.

    Courtyard PVC Fence With High Strength
    The inner cavity of the fence is reinforced with galvanized steel or aluminum alloy. It has sufficient strength and impact resistance. corrosion resistance, toughness, antistatic, no cracking and embrittlement.

    Long Life Courtyard PVC Fence
    It can be used at -50 ° C to 70 ° C without fading, no deformation, no peeling, no embrittlement, more than 20 years.

    Eco Courtyard PVC fence
    Choose domestic first-class raw materials to create a simple and bright building appearance, it eco-friendly and lightweight.

    Seven Trust is China pvc fence manufacturer, we have different fence type and height can be the option, with affordable price get free quotation now.

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