• outdoor wood plastic wall panelOutdoor wood plastic wall panel has clear lines, elegant appearance, modern style, super weather resistance, resistance to all kinds of bad weather, anti-corrosion and flame retardant, easy to install.

    ◇ Weather Resistance
    Outdoor wood plastic wall panels are exposed to some harsh climates for a long time, which is easy to shorten the life. Seven Trust wood plastic wall panel adopts unique environmental protection technologies, which can maintain the aesthetic effect for a long time and has a good economy.

    ◇ Good Decoration
    The surface of the wood plastic wall panel is designed in a wood like pattern, various color, which is very popular in the European market. Wood plastic wall board is suitable for a variety of exterior architectural wall decoration, such as villas, office buildings, factory buildings, wooden houses, multi-story buildings and old buildings.

    ◇ Wide Range Of Uses
    Wood plastic wall panels are resistant to cold and heat, durable, UV resistant and aging resistant. Excellent resistance to corrosion, acids, salt and wet areas, easy to clean, maintenance free (no paint and paint).

    ◇ Flame Retardant
    Due to the special raw materials, Seven Trust outdoor wood plastic wall panel has excellent flame retardant properties and will not be peeled off and cracked.

    The exterior wood plastic wall panel has low thermal conductivity, its excellent thermal insulation performance can effectively improve the thermal insulation effect of the wall, is an ideal energy-saving and environmentally friendly material.

    Seven Trust is the manufacturer of outdoor wood plastic wall panel in China. Our wall panel are available in eight colors, it lightweight, have different models and sizes, get free samples contact us now.

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