• The advantages of plastic wood decking are very obvious, so the performance requirements of the auxiliary accessories used are also very high. It requires accessories such as keel parts of plastic wood, plastic fasteners or stainless steel fasteners. Although there are not many auxiliary components used in plastic wood deckings, each one is essential.


    First of all, the plastic wood keel, which played a very good supporting role in the plastic wood decking, there can be plastic fasteners collected in the plastic wood decking, he spliced the plastic wood decking.


    If we use stainless steel fastener without seams, it is seamless splicing. If we use stainless steel fasteners, it will make our entire plastic wood decking life longer.


    At last plastic wood decking only needs simple maintenance. Its service life is longer than that of ordinary wood decking. It also has strong wear resistance, scratch resistance and weather resistance.