• plastic wood flower box

    In the corridor of some buildings can see a few flower box everywhere, still have a lot of flower box to be put in outdoor to decorate, the flower box mainly use woodiness structure, after installation can have good adornment effect. Actually chosen in the engineering construction are plastic wood flower box, during the period of design custom flower box, to combine aesthetics needs to drill plane of woodiness material, you can also use adhesives such as fixed, the construction method is flexible, and was deeply loved by people.

    Installation using plastic wood flower box don’t need regular maintenance, because this kind of wood stability is extremely high, even if installs in the outdoors also not easy to deform, the service life is longer, this kind of material also makes up for the malpractice of traditional material, put these flower box around the building to be able to create the atmosphere of nature easily, still can avoid to have the problem such as crack when use.

    In order to meet the needs of different environments, the specification of plastic wood flower box is also various, you can choose the suitable size of flower box according to the installation needs. Unlike traditional materials, the plastic wood materials do not need to be sanded and painted, which can effectively reduce the technical cost and save construction time, which can provide more convenient conditions for construction work.

    There are many advantages to the installation and use of plastic wood flower box, the applicability of the products is quite wide. No matter what climatic conditions and humidity environment, we can use plastic wood to decorate and create a fresh and natural living environment for you.