• plastic-wood-interlock-floor-advantages

    1. Safety and Environmental Protection

    Plastic wood interlock floor use all main and auxiliary materials, made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, compared with solid wood and wood laminate flooring, formaldehyde content near “zero formaldehyde floor”. the plastic wood ecological floor will not produce other toxic substances or gases in normal or other special circumstances, it is a green floor in the true sense.

    2. Waterproof and Slip Resistant

    Immerse the floor in the water for a long time, the substrate itself does not absorb water, moreover, so waterproof is much better than the solid wood flooring, wood flooring and laminate flooring which are commonly used at present, the surface of the plastic wood ecological floor is also waterproof and also has a non-slip function.

    3. Wear Resistance and Fire Resistance

    The plastic wood interlock floor has superior wear resistance and fire resistance, compared with the currently used solid wood and wood composite flooring. with superior wear resistance and fire resistance, the surface of the interlock composite floor has a layer of wear resistance with a hardness of more than 30,000 rpm, the fireproof rating can reach B1.

    4. Weather Resistant and Corrosion Resistant

    The plastic wood interlock floor has excellent mechanical properties, not easy to deform and durable, not afraid of the erosion of various corrosive substances, even if in harsh outdoor environments still look great.

    5. Elegant Appearance

    The surface decoration layer of the wood interlock floor is beautiful, a wide variety of wood grain, color are available for customers to choose from.

    6. Wide Range Of Applications

    Plastic wood interlock floor can be widely used in residential balconies, gardens, swimming pools, etc.

    7. Easy Installation

    The plastic wood interlock floor uses locking technology, installation method is exactly the same as that of the composite wood floor, only a few simple hand tools are needed to install and lay, at the same time, the floor can also be easily disassembled and clean.