• product-advantages-of-pvc-fence-material

    The fence is one of most integral part of our life, in the past wood fence is the most popular fence material, but now is pvc fence, what’s the product advantages of PVC fence material?

    Recently, with the rapid development of urban road construction, the market demand for road fence products is getting higher and higher. In the past, the use of iron fences in urban roads in China was gradually eliminated by the market, due to defects such as uneven surface, easy rust and high maintenance costs. The second generation of fence products with wood and plastic as the main materials began to be widely used in road fences project.

    The new PVC fence material further overcomes the shortcomings of coating peeling and aging in the second generation of fence products, has become a representative product in the third generation fence.

    The new production process brings distinctive product performance. The PVC fence material has advantages over the similar fence products in the following aspects:

    First of all, Ornamental strong. as PVC fence material manufacturers we not only provide a large number of model products for users to choose, but also can be customized according to the actual requirements of architects and developers, have various specifications, at present, PVC fences are mostly used white.

    Second, high strength and strong toughness. The PVC fence material can complete the weight test, the strength and toughness are much better than the general wooden fence. The fence is able to withstand strong winds of magnitude 7-8(50-74km/h), through the reasonable installation of the method.

    Finally, the service life is relatively long. The service life of PVC fences is 15 years, generally up to 20 years.

    Most importantly, compared with the previous iron fences and wooden fences, PVC fence material don’t require rust, paint, or special maintenance during the life of the service. When it becomes dirty, use water and detergents make look like new.