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    Wood plastic material is a new type of industrial standard decoration, environmental protection and energy saving composite product made by machine, wood plastic has the properties of general wood and plastic, traditional wood has the characteristics of low production cost, low energy consumption, no poison, no pollution etc.

    Wood Plastic Materials Properties & Advantages

    1. Wood texture – compared to metal, stone, glass and other materials, have natural wood appearance and texture.

    2. Good insulation of wood – wood is one of the better electrical insulating materials because of its poor electrical conductivity.

    3. The strength of the wood plastic materials higher – compared to some metals, wood has a higher ratio of strength to weight.

    4. Good processability-ability of wood can be easily sawn, planed, nail, soft and hard medium, easy to process.

    5. Wood decoration effect – natural wood grain, beautiful and full of ecological atmosphere, is rare natural decorative materials.

    6. Thermal insulation properties – The heat conductivity of wood is very small, it has good thermal insulation performance, which is much higher than most materials, has a high energy saving value.

    The shortcomings of traditional wood are also obvious, such as poor dimensional stability, poor corrosion resistance, flammability and other shortcomings, but wood plastic material solved these shortcomings, what’s more, it very durable and life more than 15 years.

    Now wood plastic materials is becoming the choice for most homes in developed countries these days, such as New ZealandItaly, Finland etc, get more information pls contact us.

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