• pvc-picket-fence-manufacturerPVC picket fence generally refers to the profile of PVC material, and some of them are also added a steel lining inside a protective fence, the cost is relatively low, it is corrosive.

    The inner wall of the PVC picket fence is reinforced with galvanized steel or aluminum alloy, It has sufficient strength and impact resistance, so that the PVC picket fence has both the strength of steel and the beauty of PVC. the fence adopts special formula and special UV absorber, does not fade, yellow, peel, crack and blister, has long service life.

    PVC picket fences are widely used in urban roads, real estate, development zones, residential quarters, gardens and various types of enterprises and institutions for decorative beautification and security protection projects.

    In the past, the repair and replacement of metal fence has been a considerable amount of expenditure and troublesome work for families, governments, enterprises and institutions every year, the new PVC picket fence has become a way to solve the above problems.

    Due to the addition of UV absorbing and shielding materials to PVC, which has strong anti-aging properties, no shrinkage, cracking, deformation and insects. In addition, the pigment is distributed throughout the profile section, not on the surface, so scraping, It can hardly be seen when touched, the color retention performance is very strong; the reinforced steel surface inside the guardrail is galvanized and completely sealed by the PVC profile, and is isolated from the atmosphere.

    It is not as rust-resistant as plastic coated steel and wrought iron. Therefore, PVC picket fence does not need painting, it’s zero-maintenance product, In terms of appearance, PVC profiles are formed by molds, and the surface is very smooth and bright. Any spray-coated steel guardrail or wrought iron guardrail cannot be compared.

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