• replace the traditional wooden pergolaIn daily life, we can often see a variety of wood plastic pergola, the pergola can be placed in different locations to create a different atmosphere. Now the application range of this pergola has become more and more extensive, and for the use of the traditional wooden pergola user, the choice of wood plastic pergola materials to replace the traditional wood material products has more benefits, it can also add more enjoy to people’s lives.

    In the past, when people made the pergola, people liked to use the pergola of traditional wooden materials. Of course, the pergola is more convenient from the design to the production process. However, these pergola material have many drawbacks, In the process of making the pergola, traditional wood materials have been put into use, and now a large number of wood applications have begun to cause many environment problems, because wood materials are not environmentally friendly.

    The use of wood plastic pergola instead of traditional wooden pergola materials, to create a pergola is more environmentally friendly. wood plastic pergola materials are added with wood powder and plastic fibers during the production process, the pergola made is stable and reliable, not easily deformed, can maintain the appearance for a long time. In addition, wood plastic materials can also be recycled. There is no need to worry about the application of wood plastic materials, which in different climatic conditions. Therefore, the pergola made of wood plastic materials is becoming more and more popular.

    During the production of wood plastic pergola, formaldehyde and other harmful chemical components will not be added, so as to avoid pollution. The pergola does not burden or adversely affect the outdoors environment. In addition, the pergola made of wood plastic material is processed. It is also easy install and uv resistance.

    While traditional wooden pergolas were intended mainly for beauty and comfort, the current designs place more emphasis on providing protection, from the harsh elements of nature such as rain and snow and ultra-violet radiation, so wood plastic pergola is better option.