• seven trust wood plastic floor

    Many families pay attention to the choice of materials when decoration patio, garden ect, because the appearance and quality of the materials will affect the overall decorative atmosphere. If the floor materials have bad quality, you will add more burdens and costs. In recent years, Many people started to choose wood plastic flooring. There are many types of can be option. We have many different size, pattern and color. The specifications of the floor can also be customized according to the customer requirements.

    In fact wood plastic flooring not only has the above advantages, but also overcomes many application drawbacks of traditional decorative materials. In the process of installing and using plastic wood materials, the strength and hardness of the materials can be guaranteed. Although the traditional wooden boards also have certain strength, but the impact resistance cannot be compared with the wood plastic floor material. In addition, the wood plastic composite material have non-slip effect and it will not crack and deform, it is also well tolerated by ultraviolet rays. When occur temperature changes, It will not be affected by the environment and will continue to maintain its original size and status.

    Nowadays, we are pay great attention to the environmental protection of materials. Therefore, in the process of selecting raw materials are environmentally friendly. so our wood plastic flooring is environmentally friendly and durable. It can also be processed and reused repeatedly, you do not have to worry about polluting the environment.

    Shanghai Seven Trust Industry Co., Ltd. mainly produces “Wooden Plastic Materials”. Our products can save a lot of natural wood and help protect the ecological environment. At present we have lots of project in different countries, such as Myanmar, New Zealand, Norway ect.