• solid wood plastic flooring

    Nowadays, when people choose decorative materials, not only pay attention to the appearance of materials, but also pay attention to the environmental protection of materials. Solid wood plastic flooring is one of the most environmentally friendly flooring materials. More and more people use wood plastic in developed countries.

    Although many traditional materials have superior appearance and can achieve the desired decorative effect, they don’t meet safety and environmental standards, because of the addition of a large amount of chemical substances in the process of production, it will have many negative effects for our health. therefore, in the process of selecting decorative materials, begun to pay attention to the application of wood plastic flooring, What’s the advantages of this materials?

    In the process of using solid wood plastic flooring, can be achieved better anti-slip effect, the floor used for outdoor installation must meet certain anti-slip standards. Wood plastic materials not only achieve good anti-slip purpose, but also use wood plastic materials for outdoor is safe, especially for families with elderly people and children.

    Solid wood plastic flooring is also a material with high hardness, this material has a long service life, it is not easy to have quality problems when encountering an impact, strength is guaranteed compared to other types of product.

    In addition, the use of this material can also prevent problems such as insects, mold or deformation, materials don’t have quality problems when exposed to moisture, can maintain the original state for a long time, moreover, the floor does not change when it encounters high and low temperature conditions, these are the application advantages of wood plastic materials.

    The solid wood plastic flooring is one of good environmentally friendly sheet, can be 100% recycled, so it is a sustainable product, it is an ideal outdoor material.