• technical indicators of wood plastic floor

    Wood plastic floor is covered by high-density board and other base material surface, back with balanced moisture-proof layer, front plus decorative layer and wear-resistant layer through hot pressing. How can ability to buy wood floor correctly?

    Do You Want To Install Wood Plastic Floor?

    In the current home decoration market situation, wood plastic floor is becoming the first choice for the home and public hall decoration floor, because of the general consumer environmental protection, the safety consciousness is continuous improvement, the wood floor that accords with environmental protection index also gets more and more attention by the consumer.

    The environmental protection and safety indicators of wood plastic floor basically has “formaldehyde release quantity” etc., When choosing wood plastic floors, what are the main technical indicators?

    1. Wear resistance;
    2. Impact resistance;
    3. Stain resistance;
    4. Volumetric expansion rate after water absorption;
    5. Formaldehyde emission.

    Different countries about the formaldehyde emission of eco wood plastic decking products have strict standards formulated, such as Japan, the European Community countries stipulate per 100 grams, formaldehyde release quantity must be less than or equal to 10 mg, otherwise do not allow the sale; The standard for formaldehyde emission of floor products in China is: the amount of formaldehyde released per 100 grams must be less than or equal to 9 mg.

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