• WPC in some known as: artificial imitation Wood, in a lot of foreign information called Wood Plastic Composite, WPC for short.

    Plastic wood composite material is made of plastic and wood fiber (or rice husk, straw, corn stalks, peanut shells and other natural fiber), it has the main characteristics of plastic and wood, can replace the plastic and wood on many occasions, the serious shortage of wood resources of our country, has great value of development.


    WPC features:

    1、Durable, long service life, the appearance of the wood, than plastic products high hardness, good rigidity;

    2、Have excellent physical properties, better than wood dimensional stability, won’t produce crack, warp, no wood knots, twill, coated or composite surface made look gorgeous products;

    3、A thermoplastic processability, facilitate popularization and application;

    4、Secondary processability of wood: can be saw, plane, bonding, with nails or screws, and easy to maintenance;

    5、Not afraid to eat by moth, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, not moisture absorption deformation;

    6、Can reuse and recycling, is biodegradable, friendly to environment.

    Shanghai seven trust for all kinds of plastic wood products, the profile is used with 50% wood fiber and 50% of PE after polymer composite modified with double screw extruder of high temperature and high pressure extrusion molding.

    This product after polymer modification technology, has the following features:

    1.Using high-tech technology, the use of plastic waste and plant straw, through high temperature compressed into plastic wood composite material, is a kind of typical environmental protection products.

    2.This material is bibulous rate is only 0.2%, water resistant performance is good, not easy to mildew, corrosion resistance, resistance to eat by moth, good chemical stability, high hardness.

    3.The material quality is strong, high surface hardness, not easy to wear and tear, can produce different colors according to need, anti-aging performance is good, service life is long, is decorate outdoor garden, landscape design, garden, floor, chair, guardrail production such as the material of choice.