• Vinyl is perhaps the best style of railing you can choose when creating your perfect deck. This railing style is typically made from polymer polyvinyl chloride or PVC.

    It is made through a chemical process in which the polymerization of monomer vinyl chloride takes place. It is does not have a taste, smell, and it will not dissolve in most organic solvents. In addition to being used to create deck railing, it is also used in flooring, pipes, and records. Additionally, it can be used to create protective clothing. Vinyl railing is long-lasting and highly durable. It is also environmentally safe.


    Why Might Be Vinyl Railing The Best Choice

    Vinyl is an excellent choice for a number of reasons. The railing offers a slip-resistant surface. Because the surface doesn’t splinter, there are no sharp points when it is fastened appropriately. Moreover, it is an enduring material that will both look good and outlast other decking materials. This material doesn’t build up heat like traditional decking materials, so if you touch it on a hot day, you are unlikely to burn your hand.

    Also, the vinyl railing material is ultraviolet light resistant, so it won’t fade as time goes by. It is waterproof and essentially maintenance-free. There are a number of color choices with vinyl railing, so you can be as creative as you would like to be. Some are even created to look like wood grain, if you are interested in that style. Most companies that sell and install vinyl rails offer a lifetime warranty because of the material’s durability.

    Because of the different types of material, it is important to follow installation instructions for kits of vinyl barriers completely. Most of these rails are sold in six to eight-foot sections. You should only complete one section at a time. It is also essential that you work your way away from the structure to which you are attaching (a house in most cases). If you must cut to fit, cut only one section at a time. Do not cut your vinyl railing all at the same time. Be sure to use only the fasteners included, as others might damage your decking material and change its properties so it is not as stable. If installed properly, vinyl will offer beauty for a lifetime to your deck or porch.