• What elements should be paid attention to when purchasing wood-plastic flooring? As a new type of home building materials, wood-plastic flooring is quickly widely recognized by the market for its advantages of waterproof, insect-proof, easy processing, good appearance, low maintenance cost, long service life, and environmental protection. However, due to the different factors of its production process and internal structure, it determines the shortcomings of wood-plastic flooring such as brittle texture, insufficient willfulness, and weak impact resistance.In response to the above problems, let us take a look at this article together.

    1. Wood plastic flooring is not environmentally friendly

    When buying decoration and building materials, everyone will first want to ask whether this thing is environmentally friendly. Many consumers think that wood-plastic flooring made of new wood-plastic composite materials contains a large amount of methanol toxic substances. This is actually the case. The country has strict regulations on the amount of methanol released from wood-plastic flooring, as long as it is controlled within a reasonable range. It can be used with confidence.

    2. Plain board is wood plastic floor

    The plain board is a plain board, but don’t think it is a genuine wood-plastic floor. Buying plain boards, then buying paint for homemade and polishing, seems to save a lot of money, but the pollution problem caused by paint is far from being solved by the money saved. The real wood-plastic floor is completed by the manufacturer through a mechanized and highly automated production line to avoid the generation of pollutants and make the product more environmentally friendly.

    3. Wood-plastic floor does not include paving

    Who can install wood-plastic flooring after buying it? In fact, wood-plastic flooring manufacturers with good quality and reputation usually have professional installers to help guide the installation, and provide one-stop service for sales, paving, and after-sales. If you encounter products that only sell regardless of installation, or the sales and installation are not the same, you must be cautious at this time. In case of quality problems, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of kicking the ball. Then there will be no complaints.

    4. Add large core board when laying

    It is not enough to lay the wood-plastic floor. In order to have a better foot feel, many people will lay a large core board on the keel. What is neglected is that the quality of large core boards is generally very poor, and the laying of inferior large core boards will have a great impact on the paving effect of wood-plastic flooring. Therefore, if you insist on adding large core boards, you must choose reliable quality.

    No matter what kind of product comfort is chosen, quality, comfort, and convenience are all to be considered, and the floor is the same, so everyone should pay special attention to these points in this article when choosing, so that you can choose a comfortable product. If you have any questions about wood plastic, you are welcome to leave a message for us below, and we will be happy to help you solve problems.