• PVC foam Co-extrusion Decking Main Materials:

    Main composite PVC + calcium carbonate + Infusion of resistance + Acr +Vesicant +stabilizer + Anti-oxidant + UV colorant + Talcum powder


    PVC Decking is a 100% recyclable product that requires minimal energy and natural resources to produce. Its production does not involve plants of any kind, unlike bamboo, cork and hardwood floors. decking made of PVC is also flame-resistant, which adds a layer of fire protection to homes. What’s more, Seven Trust PVC flooring is highly customize, durable and water-resistant, it low maintenance and just need simple clean ways,life more than 15 years.


    Advantage Of PVC Decking


    The construction is simple; The requirement of construction personnel is not high; Quick construction speed; Small loss of material; With UV treatment layer composite laminate flooring resistance, abrasion resistance, good antibacterial property; The design of personality pattern is easy and changeable; The floor anti – indentation, sound absorption effect; It is environment-friendly and free of formaldehyde; Excellent anti-skid performance of floor; Easy replacement of floor damage; The quality of floor can effectively reduce the load of buildings; Fire resistance level B1.

    At present pvc foam co-extrusion decking main for outdoor use, have different size and color can be option, can application around pool, garden, patio, terrace ect,pls contact us get product quotation.