• white pvc fencing panel

    In our daily life, We can see all kinds of white fencing panel for different application, they have different style and height can be option, now our company focus on an eco friendly fencing product for outdoor use, such as wood plastic fence, pvc fence, vinyl fence ect, what’s pvc fence panel features and advantages ?

    White PVC Fencing Panel Features and Advantages

    Customizable – There is a wide range of styles, colors and heights from which to choose.

    Durability – PVC fencing doesn’t absorb moisture, it won’t scratch, stain, warp, decay, chip, rust, corrode or blister. UV protection makes it fade-resistant. have long life expectancy, seven times longer than that of a wood fence.

    Safety – PVC fencing won’t splinter or conduct electricity, has no nails or sharp edges, making it an excellent choice around children and pets.

    Flame-retardant – PVC fencing does not easily combust, making it ideal for drought-prone climates and locations.

    Environmentally Friendly Ingredients – White PVC fencing panel is made of nothing but UV stable hdpe and is environmentally sound and non-toxic, with no arsenics or chlorides and will not contaminate water or soil.

    Low to Maintenance – PVC fencing does not require paint or stain and it is completely graffiti resistant and easy to clean. It will not weaken in the change of seasons with the temperature extremes.

    White PVC fences panel look much cleaner than a typical wooden fencing. They come in a crisp white color that is specially treated to withstand harsh UV rays. They are available in a variety of styles from traditional to contemporary, making them a perfect choice for any type of building.

    In fact, It is a common misconception that PVC fencing is much pricier than other fences. The initial cost is often comparable, when you factor in the savings from maintenance and repair, the value is obvious. PVC fencing have lots of advantages compare with wood or metal, it is a smart choice for any consumer.

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