• why choose vinyl fence

    Vinyl Fencing serves many functions in landscaping. It can be used to keep animals in (or out), to create visual interest, to provide security and privacy, or to keep people and animals from trampling on delicate landscapes.

    Different uses call for different types of vinyl fencing,When making a decision about fencing materials, there are several considerations to include. It would be a mistake to choose a fencing materials solely based on the initial cost. Other factors may include maintenance, durability, and aesthetic benefits. So why should someone choose vinyl fencing?

    Choose Vinyl Fencing Advantages

    1. Vinyl Fence has five times the strength of wood. In other words, it would take five times the amount of pressure to break vinyl as it takes to break wood of the same size.

    2. Vinyl does not become discolored from the sun and rain. The cost of maintaining a vinyl fence is virtually $0. Any mineral discoloration can be removed with a water/bleach or green cleaner solution. You will never have to buy primers, paints, or stains to keep your fence looking new.

    3. It does not corrode like metal or rot like wood. Most vinyl fences are made from high grade PVC that is similar to the PVC used in plumbing. Therefore, it is wear resistant and long lasting.

    4. It is safe for the environment, kids, and pets. Because it is made from high grade PVC, there are no toxic chemicals involved in the processing. You should have no worries about airborne or ground-borne toxins.

    5. The cost of vinyl fencing when considering these points is very reasonable. Vinyl fencing will be standing long after a wood fence has deteriorated.

    6. Lastly, vinyl fences can be made in many styles and colors that can offer a greater variety of choice than your standard wood fences.

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