• why-use-wood-plastic-flooringIn the outdoor floor decoration project, the selection of floor materials is very important, choose of environmentally friendly wood plastic flooring to be a trend, composite flooring is a new environmentally friendly material that can be used in different fields, which can directly affects the overall decorative effect and spatial visual effect.

    Nowadays, many families have started to use wood plastic flooring, This kind of board does not use a lot of chemical reagents, the formaldehyde content is also controlled within the standard range. there is no need to worry about the pollution problem after installing the floor, In addition, the floor can be 100% recycled.

    Although traditional wooden flooring can also be used for application purposes, however, these flooring have limited production methods, therefore, the drawbacks of wood materials can’t be avoided, when users usually use the board, once exposed to moisture, it can cause problems such as decay or split , the wood plastic floor is not only durable, but also low maintenance, it also has a good waterproof effect, will not rot when it is installed in a humid environment.

    Wood plastic floor is very stable after use, high strength, can resist relatively large pressure and impact force, not easy to crack after installation, it can maintain a steady state when it encounters corrosive substances, therefore, the wood plastic flooring board can be directly installed in various environments, this advantages is other wood materials can’t replace.