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    At present, all the park with many bench, which can be used for the rest of the public, the park bench are made by different materials. Wood plastic park bench uses a new type of environmental protection and long-lasting composite material, is good product replacement of wood!

    Wood plastic material has all the advantages of wood, it can be used for outdoor landscape, such as the walkway, pier, garden, it also can make into wall panel, pergola, pavilion etc.

    What’s The Advantage Of Wood Plastic Park Bench Compared With Anti-corrosive Wood?

    1. Under the same construction area or volume, wood plastic has less loss than anti-corrosive wood. Because wood plastic bench profile, it can produce the material with the length, width and thickness that accord to the actual dimensions of the landscape project. But the length of the anti-corrosive wood is stipulated.

    2. Wood plastic park bench is low maintenance and uv resistance, However, due to environmental temperature humidity and solar ultraviolet irradiation, anti-corrosive wood generally required to maintain or paint in one year. In the long run, the maintenance cost of plastic wood is much lower than that of anti-corrosion wood products.

    3. The life of wood plastic park bench can reach 3-4 times of common wood. The data show that plastic wood can be used for more than 20 years.

    4. The wood plastic surface is not required to be painted, but when the general anti-corrosive wood is finished or during the construction process it needs to paint the wood surface in order to keep it look great.

    5. Under the same construction conditions, wood plastic is better than anti-corrosive wood.

    Seven Trust wood plastic bench solutions are made to suit many different environments. our bench can be applied include town and city centers, villages, public gardens and bowling greens, playgrounds, picnic areas, shopping centers and retail parks, schools etc, get more information contact us now!