• wood fence replacement

    After use wood fence for many years, now the wood fence is rot, we look for wood fence replacement material. If you’re looking for a fence that won’t fade, rust and insects resistance, it can hold up during storms while still looking great, PVC fence maybe is a good option for you.

    Safety PVC Fence
    As we all know, the wood fence is easy to crack, if you child play outside, maybe it dangerous, Seven Trust PVC fence is eco friendly and safety product, it attracts lots of homeowners, especially in Europe, such as UK, Spain, Ireland etc, it has no nails or sharp edge, you can let your child and pets play outside, PVC fence not only make your house more beautiful, but also is an economic choice.

    PVC Fence Price
    Compare with other wood fence material, PVC fence initial price is expensive than wood, however, the material is long-lasting and low maintenance, In the long term they needn’t regular painting so you can lot of time and cost, Upkeep on vinyl fence requires little more than household products and a hose. Instead of constantly repairing and painting your fence.

    PVC Fence Option
    Seven Trust supply PVC fence including pool fencing, ranch fencing, privacy fencing, commercial fencing and more. Our PVC fences are eco-friendly, made from recycled and non-toxic materials, have varieties and styles that are sure to fulfill the look you want, at the same time we can supply customized fence.

    PVC Fence Advantages
    PVC fences easy install and have kinds of flexibility in design and style choices, it not only durable, but also highly resistant to damage from the sunlight and water, our fences give you various decorative options such as post caps and other hardware to make it more fitting to what you’re looking for.

    PVC fence is an excellent wood fence replacement product, it actually can increase the property value of your home, it is a smart choice for any consumer.