• wood plastic floor

    Nowadays, first choice of wood plastic flooring, many urban areas attach great importance to landscape design effects. By constructing gardens and other outdoor platforms, the city’s beautification facilities can be highlighted. However, when designing and constructing gardens, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of materials because the materials used for installation take a long time. Exposed to the outdoors, the material requirements are very high. Many areas have begun to install wood plastic flooring for decoration, this board can be installed outdoors?

    Many people know very well about traditional wooden flooring materials, this kind of board is generally made of wood. although their appearance is very delicate and beautiful, there are certain drawbacks.

    The use of traditional wooden flooring in household installations is prone to corrosion and moisture, wood plastic flooring can effectively solve this application problem. because wpc flooring materials are made from wood powder and other raw materials, added a lot of additives, by high-temperature processes, so that the board not only have the appearance characteristics of wooden floor.

    At the same time, it can effectively prevent mildew, there is no quality problem when different weather, Therefore, it is highly recommended to install wood plastic materials for outdoors.

    In order to meet the application needs of customer, order of wood plastic flooring are also beginning to increase, there are many types of such as, solid, hollow, co-extrusion flooring ect, also have various color, it can meet the decoration requirements of different design concepts of different environments. It can also be flexibly customized when using wood plastic flooring materials, providing more convenient conditions for outdoor applications.

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