• wood plastic flooring fireproof

    When installing building materials for outdoors, pay attention to the fire performance of the wood plastic flooring materials, If the fire performance of the materials is not good, there will be many hidden problems, and it will not meet the application requirements of modern society. So how about the fireproof performance of wood plastic flooring?

    Wood plastic flooring can be seen in many outdoor areas. These panels have a very decorative effect. They are very beautiful and durable after installation. They look like traditional wood materials, however, in terms of performance, it is much better than ordinary wood materials.

    Because the wood plastic flooring is made by a special process and is shaped by a high-temperature process. this type of flooring can be ideally applied after installation, the more important, in the event of rainy weather. It can be kept stable, so it can be directly decorated with wood plastic flooring materials in outdoor places.

    Wood plastic flooring materials have good flame retardant effect, the fire-retardant properties of this material meet the national standards. after contact with flame, the fire will naturally extinguish, so the use of wood plastic materials can avoid many safety hazards.

    During the production of wood plastic flooring material, all chemical reagents are added within a reasonable range. In order to ensure the environmental characteristics of the flooring, the addition of toxic reagents is prohibited during the production of the materials, so the materials will not be released even if they are burned, the gases do not pose a threat to our health and do not burden the environment.